About Right Mentality


Right Mentality envisions a sacred place where people of all humane understands that mental health is just important as physical health. By making a change one cause at a time, we work diligently to provide quality, evidence-based intervention and prevention, and maintenance through Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic techniques.


Here at Right Mentality, we pride ourselves on tailoring services to meet each client right where they are in the cycle of change. We like to commit ourselves on providing resources and psycho-education through out the Greater -Areas of Houston without losing focus on the clients’ basic hierarchy of needs.



“To provide compassionate and diligent mental health treatment to individuals, families, support groups, veterans, and members of the LGBTQIA+ while reducing stigmas, improving community support, and psycho-education.”


Couples Session

"I am bisexual and my partner and I attended therapy to work through trust issues. I loved how nonjudgmental Jessica was and she made us both feel equal in the session. She believes in restorative and repairing when it comes to couples' session."

An Introduction I Won't Forget

"I met Jessica Glass at my church's function. She was giving out free depression and anxiety screenings. She was so nice and approachable and encouraged me to schedule an intake appointment. I have been attending sessions consistently for the past 6 months. Since starting therapy with her, my anxiety has reduced significantly and I have a better understanding of coping skills."

Easy Scheduling 

"Right Mentality is awesome. I love how scheduling is easy and I don't have to call to make an appointment. The office is decorated nice which made it easier to relax."

Providing you with the best therapist for the best care


We pride ourselves on care that is free of judgment and that is a safe space for all. We use evidence based practices that are centered towards your needs.

"Changing the mind to reform the body"

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