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Frequently asked Questions
  • How do I schedule a consultation?
    Our intake session is designed to build rapport and for your therapist to disclose how they can assist you. Our services and therapist's modalities are up-to-date and outlines each therapists' strengths. If there are any specific questions you may have, you can give us a call at 832-757-5856 or email the therapist you are interested in directly.
  • What is Telehealth?
    Telehealth is a secure web-cam service that lets the therapist and client(s) talk without being in the office setting. The service is confidential, as long as the client is in a secure and safe location. After the client sets their Telehealth appointment, your therapist will send you consents to sign along with your secure passcode prior to session (this is done all electronically).
  • I live in Texas but not in Houston. Can I schedule an appointment?
    Yes! We are licensed in the state of Texas and can service anyone virtually through Telehealth.
  • What if I am unsure if I need therapy?
    Don’t hesitate to schedule an Intake Session. The misconception is that there has to be something wrong and that is FALSE.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    While therapy is definitely a commitment, it does not have a microwave effect. Usually it can take anywhere between 8-12 sessions before a client notices change. Although this is not definite, clients are encouraged to continue services until he/she and the therapist have reached the closing session.
  • How confidential are sessions?
    Sessions are very confidential. Aside from sharing information with your insurance for pay, you have 100% confidentiality with your therapist. However, if you disclose that you are actively a threat to yourself or someone else, your therapist may contact the mental health crisis line or 911 to assist with further assessment.
  • I am trying to schedule an appointment and it is asking for my card information. Why?
    Your card will not be charged until the time of service. In the event you do not cancel within 24 hours or no-show to your scheduled appointment, this card will be charged for the "late cancellation or no-show" fee. Your card will be use to collect payment at the time of service which includes full payment, co-pay, and dedcutible. This card may also be used to collect unpaid fees. All clients must have card on file.
  • Can I use my insurance for sessions?
    Yes! The use of insurance must be rendered a medical necessity which means a diagnosis must be present. This is determined during our intake process. Please be mindful that you may have to pay the full fee, if necessity or criteria is not met.
  • Before I schedule, can you tell me my co-pay?"
    Unfortunatley, we do not verify co-pays until a client has scheduled and signed consents for us to do so. We recommend calling your insurance provider directly and asking for your benefit information before scheduling an appointment.
  • Can I use my insurance for couples and family session?
    Not all plans offer these services. Only one of you will be the primary client. Be mindful that insurance is only applicable if the clients meets diagnostic criteria, as well. You must first call your insurance and ask them if couples/family session is under your plan. Ask if there are any restrictions.
  • For couples session, should me and my parnter come seperate?"
    We ask that couples attend their first session together. This helps your therapist get a better feel and understanding of you all's needs. It may be later advised that you attend a session separately. However, couples sessions are attended with couple together.
  • Can insurance be used for pre-marital counseling?
    We do not accept insurance for pre-marital sessions. This service is $125 per session.
  • What should I ask my insurance provider?
    Ask if your health plan covers mental health or behavior health. Be sure to ask your insurance provider if your deductible has been met. If so, ask what’s your co-pay/co-insurance. Be sure to also ask your employer about therapy service because some employers offer points or reimbursements. Ask if there are any restrictions.
  • I want to use my EAP benefits. What do I need to do?
    Employee Assistance Program gives employees and their families certain amount of therapy sessions with no expense to the member. When scheduling an appointment, select "EAP session" then you will be sent forms electronically. On our "insurance form" you will need to put number of sessions given, authorization code (if applicable), and upload any information given in the client portal. You will need this filled out prior to session. Give us a call for more details.
  • Do you accept HSA or Flex spending?
    We do! As long as funds are on your card, we are able to charge the card for sessions.
  • What do I need to bring to my session?
    Of course, bring yourself and any others who will be attending session. We ask the client bring their driver licenses, insurance card, and any other essentials they would like to bring such as journal, tablet, pen, and etc.
  • What is a venting session and why should I schedule it?
    A venting session is a 30 minute session designed for clients who may feel thay have an issue or problem that needs addresseing. Typically this person feels more comfortable to disclose this with a therapist versuses family, friends, or support group. In this session, the client will release their emotions, feelings, and thoughts about things such as anger, relationships, work, and other issues. Your therapist will provide nonverbal communication and may utilize Solution Focused technique. If a client feels they need treatment then this session will not be ideal.
  • I need a letter for work, school, apartment or court. Can my therapist fill it out?"
    Yes. Your therapist can provide letters or fill out forms for you. There is a $65 document fee. However, this service is for active clients who have attended a minimum of 6 sessions. This is case by case and based on therapists' recommendations and/or competency levels. We do provide appointment letters.
  • I don't have insurance and have limited funds. Do you have a sliding scale fee?
    Yes! The first recommendation is for you to request an appointment with our associates. For further assistance, we recommend that you join Open Path Collective. We honor Open Path's rate when presented with your member id. Limited slots available.
  • Is an LPC Associate a student?
    An LPC Associate has completed a Master’s Degree in Counseling or a related field. An LPC Intern is required to gain 3,000 supervised hours in order to become fully licensed. An associate is knowledgeable and competent in providing mental health services.
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