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Not covered by any of these plans? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you. Or visit our FAQ to find common questions and answers.

Insurances We Accept

We accept a host of healthcare plans!

Eligibility required

Invest in Your Mental Health

"Creating a healthy mentality is an investment in overall wellbeing" - Unknown

*Prices vary by therapist

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Initial Session


An intake session is 50-60 minutes long. The intake session is the initial session and is designed to build rapport and to understand the client’s need for therapy. Insurance may be applicable!




Extended Session


Extended sessions are 90 mins long and are preferred for clients who need more time during the session to discuss presenting topics. Insurance not accepted!




Initial Telehealth Session


A Telehealth/Online therapy session is 50 minutes. Telehealth is a web-cam conference between the client and therapist via phone or computer. If using insurance, this service must be approved first. 




Subsequent Session


Subsequent sessions (follow ups) are typically 50 minutes. These sessions are designed to continue the client(s) work towards their treatment goals.



EGift Card

Getting Help

There first step is often the most challenging. The uncertainty of the experience or even seeing the need to start the therapeutic journey can be one to prevent you from healing.

If you follow the "right" steps, we can get you on the "right" path!


Right Mindset

Call us at 832-757-5856 to schedule your appointment. We will discuss your needs, the best appointment time for you, and give you all the "right" answers to all your questions!


Right Therapist

Having the "right" therapist matters! A therapist that specializes in your issues, trained and knowledgeable are the main key factors in your selection. All our therapists are the "right" fit!


Right Mentality

After you have gotten on the "right" start, imagine yourself having the "right" mentality. With the end goal in mind, it's only "right" you see it through!

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