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Substance Abuse Counseling

Do you or someone you know battles with alcohol, marijuana, and/or substance use. Do you wonder if it's really a problem, addiction, or just recreational use? Or, the over use of prescription pain meds or illegal substance making it hard for you to function without?

Substance use leads to compulsive cravings that cause users to lose control of their use. Right Mentality provides services to clients who are ready to reduce and/or maintain sobriety. Our goal is to meet each client where they are in their stage of change. 

Services Include:

  • Substance use assessments

  • Court order/mandate

  • DWIs

  • Marijuana use

  • Prescription drug use

  • Alcohol use

  • History of overdose

  • Recovery

Psychology Session
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One of the most important benefits of SUD counseling is the continued support that is offered to clients even after they have left the facility. The goal of outpatient therapy is to give clients tools to help them engage in abstinence and recovery on a long-term basis, including an aftercare program. 

For many, this step in the recovery process is one of the most significant, allowing for a successful completion of addiction treatment to turn into a successful future.

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